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Rocket Monkeys is a American animated television show that Originally premieres on Nickelodeon in USA. Season 1 premiered with 40 episodes. Season 2 has been announced To premiered in September 14, 2015 with 40 episodes.


Two rocket monkey brothers Wally and Gus take down evil disguising evil villains.

Production of MakingEdit

Development for the show started in 2006. The two simian stars, Gus and Wally, were loosely based on Jason and Dan who have been friends since high school. Jason and Dan developed a pitch book and animated motion test, which they showed to Michael Feder. Michael Feder, a partner of Hornet Inc, agreed to help develop Rocket Monkeys, under the Hornet Films label of the company. Nickelodeon picked up the project and the future of Rocket Monkeys was in limbo. Later in 2011 Breakthrough Entertainment of American lit the series, and Rocket Monkeys went back into production. In early 2012 the series went into full production, with animation being handled by Atomic, in Vancouver. In 2013 the series was made available on internet streaming services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon and iTunes. Rocket Monkeys is in currently production by Breakthrough Films and Television, Atomic Cartoons and Hornet Films it is associated by Nickelodeon.