hello wally, today is going to be a perfect day isn't it?  Yes it is, 

Rocket Monkeys theme song00:41

Rocket Monkeys theme song

Rocket monkeys movie.

Rated: File:G.jpg 958x137 pixels only movies for Nickelodeon Movies.


Actor Voice(s)
Mark Edwards Wally
Jim Cummings Gus
Alien #8
David Berni YAY-OK
YAY-OK's Dad
YAY-OK's Mom
Alien #7
Non-speaking characters
Lord Peel
Meijer Vixen
Alien #1
Alien #2
Alien #3
Alien #4
Alien #5
Alien #6

Image8 Teletoon.1 Sidekicked Image6 Image7 Wedding Smashers Wiki-background

Watch the Movie end Credits with Rocket Monkeys Movie!!!

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